BREAKING: Black Hockey Player FIRED After Raising Fist During National Anthem

The NFL may be coddling black athletes who are protesting our police force, our flag, and our veterans by kneeling, but the National Hockey League refuses to do the same.

On Sunday, J.T. Brown of the Tampa Bay Lightning jumped on the “hate our troops” bandwagon and made a “black power” fist – a gesture assembled with black supremacist groups – during the National Anthem.

Brown was counting on P.C. culture winning out and letting him keep his job, but what happened next ruined his life.

“This is not, and has never been, about the military or disrespecting the flag,” Brown said in an interview with ESPN after he raised his fist. “It is about police brutality, racial injustice, and inequality in this country. It is something that I as well as many others feel needs to be addressed. I love my country, but that doesn’t mean I cannot acknowledge that it is not perfect.”

Unfortunately, the owner of the team disagrees. Burt Lancaster announced a few hours later that the team will be seeking a new forward to replace Brown.

“We wish Mr. Brown the best, but we feel that he does not embody the values of the Tampa Bay Lightning,” Lancaster says. “We support our country, we support our troops, we support our police, and we support our President.”

Brown will continue to be paid until the end of the season as per the terms of his contract, but will then be looking for a job.


  1. You don’t need to use the Flag nor the National Anthem, which represents YOUR freedoms and the soldiers, servicemen/women who have sacrificed for your freedoms!!! Use the Oprah show, or the Ellen show or some other venue to throw your fit!!!

      • No the forum doesn’t matter, but our “Great country’s“ does have a Constitution and Bill of Rights which guarantee the right to “freedom of speech!” You don’t have to choose to listen, but you canNOT deny them their Constitutionally guaranteed Right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! No matter what form or forum they choose, so long as it’s peaceful.

        • Not quite Mary, try this at your work place and you will find out very quickly, NOT on company time.. I tuned in to watch a foot ball game, not a Political rally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when I am against all these protestors! Don’t bring me into all this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • You said you tuned in to watch a football game. If that is the case, why is the damn anthem so important. If that’s what you came for, screw the anthem and play the game you hypocrite.

          • If you’re too stupid to understand why they’re REALLY protesting, then that’s on you for being a moron and distorting the message. Anybody with a brain and who can read can see why athletes are protesting. It has nothing to do with being anti-military or anti-flag. Wake up, morons!

          • And… you watched a football game right after the national anthem, right? Without any delay, right? What are you complaining about?

        • Well what matters is that his employer also has a right to insist his players(employee) does what he requires them to do. I’m sure if your employer insist you do certain tasks a certain way and disregard that that order you will be FIRED what’s the difference with these athletes. I applaud the owner for keeping his team free of the bullshit and consentrate on being a team player.

        • Its NOT a RIGHT to disrespect the National Anthem nor the Flag of the United States. It’s his JOB and if the OWNER OF THE TEAM decides that he is not what they are looking for in an employee, and he shows disrepect for the company/team, you are gone. It’s that simple.

          • “This is not, and has never been, about the military or disrespecting the flag,” Brown said in an interview with ESPN after he raised his fist. “It is about police brutality, racial injustice, and inequality in this country. It is something that I as well as many others feel needs to be addressed. I love my country, but that doesn’t mean I cannot acknowledge that it is not perfect.”

            Where is the confusion on the stance? What does this have to do with the flag? Can we talk about the issues he addressed? Police Brutality, inequality, and social injustice.

          • He never disrespected the flag. He just tired of the police killing black people for no reason. I bet you don’t see anything wrong with BLACK people being shot in the back by the police and the cop getting paid leave and keeping his job? The NA says justice for all but why don’t BLACK people get justice?! You should try listening to the message, but I forgot it doesn’t effect your privilege so its not important. My grandfather fought in WWII (got a purple heart), my father fought in the war, my father in-law is a marine, and I have 3 siblings in the army now and they all say the samething that they support the protests because of what it stands for and because they fought/fight for freedom of speech.

          • The confusion comes when the kneeling is done during a time when we are to pay respect to our flag, country, and those who fought for our freedoms. You are paying respect to those who fought for your freedom to protest. It’s hypocritical to say the least. I, along with most, completely get the fact that they want to raise awareness for their cause and that is what this is about. They are just choosing to do protest at the wrong time. It is that simple people. Do something tangible to make a difference cause this is just creating more anger and division. That is obvious when you see these stadiums empty. You can piss anyone off, just don’t piss off our vets and pay respect to those who died fighting for you to be able to live the American dream. We all know our laws aren’t perfect but taking a knee during such a symbolic time is just wrong no matter how you slice it.

          • I hope another team picks him up because he’s a great player. Tampa’s loss is another teams gain. It’s sports and if it was Steven Stampkos, there would be no firing.

        • Yes this is true. BUT! I YOUR ASS IS BEING PAID TO PLAY A GAME, THEN WHEN YOUR ASS IS IN UNIFORM ON THAT FIELD/ICE whatever YOUR ASS IS ON THE CLOCK, AND YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR SNOWFLAKE BUTTHURT FEELINGS OUTSIDE THE DOOR TO BE PICKED UP ON YOUR WAY OUT! BECAUSE YOUR THERE TO DO YOUR DAMN JOB, NOT TO PROTEST! Hell any other blue collar workers would be fired immediately for protesting this childish antics when they are on the clock!

          • Actually what you said is complete garbage… workers protest all the time, they call them strikes. You conservtards are against anything “FOR THE PEOPLE” however, and sucking your bosses cock is what you live for. During the American Revolution, they would have hung the lot of you.
            For Gods sake, be your own man and stop allowing these fascists to ruin what last bit of Constitutional rights you do have.
            Stop being cowards and support the policies of the Constitution in which soldiers have paid for with their lives.. You weak ass drones are disgusting!

          • You do realize that prior to 2009 the anthem wasn’t even played on TV!!! The DOD paid and continues to pay the NFL for them to play the national anthem live during games to boost the countries morale while we were at war in Afghanistan and Iraq!!!

            People need a story and a reason to deflect. That is what this is. And if you should be upset. Be upset with yourself for the fact that you got brainwashed by the government in the way they intended. Their attempt at “paid patriotism” worked. Were you upset in 2008 when you didn’t even hear the anthem play on tv before the football game??? 🤔🤔🤔

        • Not when you live in a right to work state and your employer says come to work and keep your politics and personal life at home. Your employer pays your paycheck and wrote your contract and can stop paying you if you don’t follow the rules. You need to get to know your worker’s rights before your spout off your nonsense. It has nothing to do with the Bill of Rights. Man our education system is broken…

      • Spoken like someone who has not a care in the world about black people who continues to be discriminated against in the worst way, and nobody gives a damn! The anthem and flag is just a guise to justify discriminate.

    • You are a racist!! The raising of the fist is a symbol of pride, struggle, culture, freedom of expression and just being. Who are you to say what is a proper forum to express ones feelings? The hockey league has been prejudiced since the beginning of time anyway so this was just another jim crow mindset excuse to eliminate!

      • “The Hockey League has been prejudiced since the beginning of time”! Why is that, because it’s not composed of 80% black players? Get over yourself, little girl!

    • You ignorant mf y tf do y’all they to make it about disrespecting the flag and our service men and women that’s bullshit stop using falling soldiers. Our service men and women aren’t out here killing unarmed and law abiding citizens for no reason ones that aren’t causing u any threat and then not to be held accountable for it. Even the military has punishment for soldiers that disregard the rules of engagement. You mad cuz you don’t wanna have to Aknowledge the fact that there are racial due to the race in our society and our country because if it was a process where they took to the streets and block the road so I would have a problem with it but if somebody takes a knee or raises a fistto show that we see what’s going y’all get mad and butt hurt cuz u can’t control what’s going on.

    • We kneel to GODS. We kneel to KINGS. We kneel to BEG. Imagine how racist you have to be to convince yourself that kneeling is disrespectful?

    • Dummy,What freedoms? My people are getting murdered by bully,white cops. Black people are getting longer jail time in comparison to white people for the same crime. Blacks are judged harshly for everything based upon our skin color. That is why we kneel. So screw you and that dumb flag that you value so much more than human life. God could careless about a man-made flag; He cares about service to humans. You stand for nothing.

  2. Wow.. That people actually are allowed to post lies like this scares me, specially since its a week old and still up. Burt Lancaster died in 1994 to start with, and the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning is Jeff Vinik. Nothing at all in this “news article” is true, but the sad thing is that most people only read the headlight and now many will look down on the Lightning. Thankfully this is not a respected site.

    • Thanks Daniel for bringing some light into the darkness! Our Founding Fathers would probably be very ashamed to hear this load of garbage and the pure evil, racist hatred that is what really fuels the fire!

    • Never liked hockey until the Dallas Stars won the cup in 98 I think… but never any excuses for lies and stupidity.. it ain’t right… but still the fact remains that our country is still unjust, and divided,,, what’s your take on that.. how do you suppose they fix the problem…

  3. As a veteran I support your rights J.T. Brown, some vets realize the real reason behind the protest some pretend not to notice because they stand to benefit from centuries of injustices in this nation with bloody hands from slavery and injustices targeted to certain groups at higher rates. Kneeling and throwing up a fist in spirit to injustices of police killings of innocent citizens.

    • Thank you! Thank you, CeeJay! I just love it when someone can see so clearly through the political subterfuge and nails it so succinctly! You make your case without sinking down into the muck & mire with these creatures from the swamps!

    • You realize those “police killings” are not as rampant as the media wants you to believe and more white people are killed by police than blacks as per FBI statistics…

  4. I am a conservative and this is the most bullshit story I have ever read. I was pissed at JT Brown as I am a fan of the TB Lightning. First off he still has a job. 2nd the owner’s name is Jeffery Vinik. How do you live with yourselves pushing this bullshit, this is why people like Donald Trump win elections because your all nuts and make shit up.

  5. From a combat infantry veterans perspective
    Who wrote this fucking garabage? Must be some white ignorant supremacist. Let’s educate you fucking idiots here.
    You don’t show honor or do anything for soldiers or my friends when you stand for the flag. It’s not mandatory as a civilian. It’s a freedom. The flag wasn’t meant to represent soldiers and our sacrifices. It was mean to stand for the freedom and ideals of which this country stands for which, by the way means, your freedom to peacefully protest the country when it is doing wrong by you. Your country is made to fight for you not pressure you into the injustice and walk away like lambs to the slaughter right. If your one of those fucking idiots then you belong in a communist society not here.
    The one who suggested that Colin kapernickle take a knee was a special forces soldier who has more merit and knowledge then most of you. So when these black athlests are taking a knee or raising their fist, they are doing so to emphasis that they will not stand for injustice, because they believe their country stand for something more then that.
    Some of you need to educate yourselves on what the flag was created for, and maybe some basic education so you learn not be some hateful assholes with ignorant mentalities.

    • NOT on company time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a person that Don’t like Protests, so why should I have to watch a protest during a NFL game??????? there is no answer!!

      • Blink. Close your eyes, go take a dump. Nobody is making you watch. Find something to fill that time. Send tRUMP a tweet or something.

      • Fred Stockbarger,

        You don’t like the protest because they remind you of how wrong the US has done people of color throughout its existence. Please understand that the protest is not trying to remove anything from the majority race here in the US. The protest that you loathe and do not want to see are to promote awareness of the inequalities that people of color face here in the US.

    • Thomas Kane, you are wonderful and knowledgeable. and I truly respect that. If there was so many veterans and service people who are serving now who believe in our rights to object to our treatment who are these idiots to say that it is against the flag and our military. This is exactly what our military is fighting for. God bless you sir, and thank you so very much for your service.

    • I’m a combat vet also and maybe you should take the time to reread and reevaluate what you wrote. Then take the time to educate yourself on the facts of the number of “black” shootings by police versus the number of “white” shootings by police ( which by the way are higher). Then go back and talk to your fellow soldiers or squadmates how they feel about the whole ordeal. Then YOU need to brush up on why our nation’s flag was created, what the colors stand for, the underlying belief of the flag and its history instead of cursing. While you’re at it, with your asinine comment, go to a fallen soldiers family and spout the same stuff you just pontificate here. Don’t know about you but I draped 18 of those flags that you so endearing stated “You don’t show honor or do anything for soldiers or my friends when you stand for the flag.” I know a battalion, a squad, and 18 FAMILIES that would say otherwise!

      • James Jackson,

        Very well stated. No need for cursing and written with intelligence and demands much more respect than the ignorant rant from Thomas. You said it all my friend. Thank you for your service and for having a conscience. Yes, that flag has been draped over too many of our fallen and I can’t believe for one second that some are willing to allow their actions be interpreted differently from what they are intended to be because that is exactly what is happening and they are seriously okay with that.

  6. Hate your troops? Are you serious? These men have made it clear it’s about rampant police brutality, and has nothing to do with disrespecting anyone or anything. Why do you insist on encouraging Trump’s false narrative by posting pure horse manure as actual news? This never happened.

  7. He wasn’t fired. He formed a partnership with his local police department. He has started a mentoring program for kids. And most importantly, the NHL has stated that they have no policy regarding conduct during national anthems, so he was not reprimanded, he was not fired, he was not sanctioned in any way. Nice try.

  8. The National Anthem is racist in itself. If this article is true by any means it just shows the disdain the American culture in itself.

  9. “We wish Mr. Brown the best, but we feel that he does not embody the values of the Tampa Bay Lightning,” Lancaster says. “We support our country, we support our troops, we support our police, and we support our President.”

    But team ownership does not support the constitution, players rights, racial equalities, nor social justice. Owners don’t care about this country.. if they did they would lower the price of their tickets.

  10. To those of you who call yourselves “white ” to embolden your racism read and heed……………DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO TOO YOU.

  11. Nice try at trying to pander to your base. This story is as fake as Trump’s tan. JT Brown has not been fired and is currently practicing with the time as I type this. And news flash Brian Lancaster hasn’t been with the organization since 1994. Shows how low you would stoop to create a story.

  12. Whoever wrote this article is very ill informed and ignorant. Here’s why:
    1. The black fist has never been a symbol of black supremacy. You can’t find any credible source that would even remotely suggest such a thing.
    2. Nobody is protesting the police, flag, or military. These expressions of American freedom are for the purpose of bringing attention to injustice. You know, the opposite of “for liberty and justice for all”?
    3. There is no “hate our troops” bandwagon. You just made that up to pander to the small percentage of ignorant morons who believe trash like this.

    Brock Turner admitted to raping a woman and leaving her lifeless body behind a dumpster in an alley. He received a 6 month jail term. Plexico Burress shot himself in the leg and got a year in jail. Mick Vick fought dogs and got more time than Brock Turner. Wesley Snipes evaded taxes and got more time than Brock Turner. It’s RAPE!!!! 6 MONTHS FOR RAPE IS INJUSTICE. 5 years for a first offense weed possession is injustice. Calling attention to the brokenness of our justice system is not unamerican. You are!!!!

  13. What the hell is wrong with you people? This story is completely made up and now the hockey player you have listed as an enemy, is getting death threats! What in the actual fuck is wrong with you? Any person who decided to share this bullshit should also be ashamed. Wow. I had hopes that people were not this gullible and stupid, but it’s very apparent that they are and shit source clickbait sites like this are all eating you hook, line, and sinker. Jesus people, learn to google shit. It takes 30 seconds of your busy day.

  14. Everybody is screaming “respect the flag” because of the rabble rousing of a draft dodger whose skill set is inciting riots and causing racial division and hating all non-white humans in the United States. That’s who needs to be fired.

  15. This is complete bullshit. The site is bullshit the Articles bullshit and the races that runs it is full of shit. This stupid mother fucker keeps equating protest against equality oppression and racism to the national anthem and his forefathers. You were born in a fucking cave in your mother fucker your ancestors were born in caves and fucking Europe you’re fucking him regret eat a dick save the bullshit. He’s racist white cops are killing black people at a disproportionate rate because they’re hateful evil unafraid. You are a huge part of a big problem you should be teaching people to be empathetic sympathetic and how to get along but you’re spreading lies and bullshit just don’t fear and Confused people just like your dumb ass president. We see clearly that some people are born demons evil they’re not raised with any sense of moral value so they do dumb shit like this and wonder why they were treated like shit in high school and your social life is that zero fucking bum.

  16. “On Sunday, J.T. Brown of the Tampa Bay Lightning jumped on the “hate our troops” bandwagon and made a “black power” fist – a gesture assembled with black supremacist groups – during the National Anthem.”

    I guess if you have to lie to tr to shut down a protest, no better way to do it. This protest is about INJUSTICES IN OUR COUNTRY WHEN IT COMES TO THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AND COPS KILLING UNARMED PEOPLE IN THE STREETS WITH NO REPERCUSSIONS. Don’t be a dumb-ass and believe it’s against our troops. They want you to believe that so they can try to shut the protests down. You’ve seen the injustice just like everyone else has. As far as the flag and the anthem goes; they were created with Black folks in mind. Especially not when the third verse of the songs is pretty much telling slaves they’re going to die. C’mon people think for yourselves and don’t let Trump, the NFL owners, nor anyone else try to convince yo that the protest is about anything other than injustice.

  17. So ridiculous and phony. Just another opportunity for a billionaire to wink at Trump and let him know that he’s carrying his water for him. The anthem, flag, etc. are STRAW MAN arguments. This administration insert straw man, competing arguments for EVERY ISSUE. Then they come out and they defend THAT. They never even bother to discuss the issue at hand. Its so intellectually dishonest. Just glad that I work for myself so I won’t have to be faced with all these phony (closeted) 45 supporters. Excusing any and all outrageous behavior as long as this self dealing, lifetime grifter gets to stay in power. Says so much and every standard you held Obama to didn’t matter at all. The truth is known now. In the words of your leader: Sad.

  18. This is a completely ignorant article. How do you quote what he is protesting against then lie and use the same bs conservative rhetoric?? Where did he say he was protesting america, police, or even anything remotely having to do with the military?? The fist does not stand for black supremacy. It is a symbol of black empowerment against an unjust system. Blacks don’t care for black supremacy, we only care for everyone,not just blacks, to be treated equally.

  19. Burt Lancaster? Seriously? It says the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning is Burt Lancaster and you still believe the story?

    Learn to use google people.

  20. It must escape most of you that what the team did was illegal….find out what the supreme Court said about the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem.

  21. This is the funniest. The picture was taken at the all-star game and not a Tampa Bay game. Then Burt Lancaster is long gone on his way to heaven and is definitely not the owner of the team. Can this get any more fake? Lol!

  22. With CLOSED MINES, nothing can get inside! Identity politics plays to closed mines because one only acknowledge what is inside their closed mine. Deflections and finger pointing are the means of not facing the issue which is the injustice suffered by race minorities in this country. Consequently, racism and injustice can not and will not be address without an OPEN MINE. Which is MORE disrespectful to our Flag and National Anthem the Knee kneeling, raised fist, or the confederate flag??? CLOSED MINES WILL HAVE DIFFERENT ANSWERS.

  23. This site may not be a conservative site at all. This site may be what I call a Liberal Bait Shop to get conservatives to jump on their fake news and look rediculous

    J.T Brown was not fired. However, according to USA Today, this is what he said the day after raising his fist:

    “I am done raising my first,” Brown wrote on Twitter. “I am now using this support, opportunity and platform to call out everyone who agreed or disagreed with me to help by sharing suggestions, continuing respectful conversations and looking for ways they too can help make a difference in their community.”

  24. go be a ni6 somewhere else. if you really cared about violence towards black people you’d be protesting the 93% of all black people murdered by other black people. black murder is almost 100% black people lol. what a joke. good riddance lamo


  26. I wish the racists would wake up and smell the coffee. Black and Brown people are not what is wrong with this country they are. The National Anthem is racists and the flag is dripping with my people’s blood on it. To hell with that flag and your anthem. Black people have a right to protest police criminality in whatever fashion we please.
    Grow up white people. That owner is wrong and a racist, so to hell with him.

  27. Wait, this article is a straight up lie. JT Brown was not fired. Read legitimate news sources, not “”…. The folks on this site complain about fake news, yet are literally the ones MAKING IT.

  28. Article sucks! Whoever wrote this article is a dick head. Your choice of words are very offensive. What the hell is a black supremacist? & “hate our troops bandwagon? You clearly don’t know why these individuals are protesting. You motherfuckers keeping listening to Trump crooked ass if you want to. He’s trying to distract you from what’s really going on.

  29. Can this blog (not a website or news) be changed to Racist7? I think it would better fit the demographic of writers and its audience.

  30. “On Sunday, J.T. Brown of the Tampa Bay Lightning jumped on the “hate our troops” bandwagon and made a “black power” fist – a gesture assembled with black supremacist groups – during the National Anthem.”

    Hate our troops… You are so full of s***..
    nothing about his salute was anything about the troops..
    you are stupid, No you are evil for implying that, and you are fanning the flames of discontent over falsehoods.
    You are beneath contempt… America is better that that, and most importantly America is way better than your sorry ass

  31. Fuck you. The protests are not “hate our troops.

    You were born when the dog pulled out of your mother’s ass and a cum covered turd fell out.

  32. Regarding the 93% blacks murdered by Blacks, what’s the percentage among the others races, I.e., whites murdered by white, etc.?

    • Believe what you want but I do not rely on snopes much anymore with their political agenda. Kind of like with southern poverty lawless center claiming there is a racist under every rock…..

  33. This protest is a great one because it brings to light the injustice of policing in America. When police have the authority to take a simple misdemeanor and escalate it to the point that someone dies, something is wrong. Everyone should be respected and not automatically thought to be criminal and we have seen enough evidence to show that certain people aren’t given due respect. The act of kneeling has always been seen as a sign of respect. You kneel to propose, you kneel to pray, and you kneel to show respect for the dead. A soldier suggested that to show respect, rather than stand, take a knee and he did that. How in the hell can he be disrespecting the military when a former military told him how to not disrespect the military? This is all about stifling the Black voice. The NFL blacklisted Kap because he stood up for Black people and they blackballed him to scare any other Black athletes from protesting.

  34. This is a bullshit story, as Brown on the team but said he would not raise his fist again during the anthem. Only the right and the Russians make up such bullshit.

  35. If any athlete wants to protest why aren’t they doing it off the field or arena they perform in? I don’t go to an event no matter sporting or concerts or anything to hear or be subjected to anyone’s personal beliefs. Do it on your own time in your own community. If these athletes or any of you dumb fucks were sincere that’s how you would handle it. All of you just want attention. You’re a bunch of sad fucks. ALL of you!!!

  36. Talk about fake news and lies, the protests have never been about being against the service men and women, nor against the flagame and you idiots know it. There are plenty of Black people who have served and are currently serving in the armed forcesres. Fake news reporters like you refuse to acknowledge the truth and that is the protests are against the unjust killings of unarmed Black people in this country and against a National Anthem that wishes death on Black people. You call yourself a journalist, then report the truth instead of keeping your fingers stuck in the eyes of people who are already blinded.

  37. AND I AM NOW A Tampa Bay Lightning FAN – Thank you Mr. Lancaster –

    People need to understand as with the NFL – in the PERSONAL CONDUCT POLICY of the NFL
    it is very clear – page 1 paragraph 1 –
    It is a privilege to be a part of the National Football League. EVERYONE who is a part of the league must refrain from “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in” the NFL. This includes owners, coaches, players, other team employees, game officials, and employees of the league office, NFL films, NFL network, or any other NFL business.
    Now I think that SUMS IT UP – You are under CONTRACT being a MEMBER and you ACCEPT the terms of such CONTRACT to be a member. This is BREACH OF CONTRACT – the NFL I believe has a case for damages against Goodell and the kneelers.
    IT HAS changed the “integrity & public confidence in” the NFL – fan loss, revenue loss, reputation loss, this list can go on and on.

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