‘I’m Never Coming Back!’ Fox News Made Clinton Staffer So Mad, He Had Hissy Fit On Air, You’ll Laugh

hissy francis

hissy francis

The Republicans under President Donald Trump have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass comprehensive tax reform that would finally bring fairness and simplicity to our jumbled tax system and provide needed relief for hard-working families.

Unsusrprisingly, Democrats are fighting tooth and nail against this effort, as it would drain funds from bloated government and kill off many of their left-wing pet projects. A former Clinton aide named Simon Rosenberg showed up on Fox News’ Happening Now to try to argue against the tax cuts and ended up getting so humiliated that he stormed off the set.

Asked host Melissa Francis straightforwardly to Simon, “What is one thing that you think you can change about this (tax) bill that would make it more palatable to Democrats?” Rosenberg lamely tried to deflect, saying, “I don’t think that’s the issue Melissa.” Melissa wasn’t having this, however, and chided him by telling him “we’re not going to do talking points.”

Instead Rosenberg went on with his pre-prepared talking points and Francis cut him off. This made him angry and he pouted, “It’s insulting when you say that as if I don’t actually understand what I’m saying and can do my own analysis of the economy.” She dismissed him and asked her other guest panelist David Avella what could be different about the bill to make more Democrats interested in backing it, “not Simon who’s not willing to come to the table at all, but real Democrats to the table?” A livid Rosenberg said under his breath, “Real Democrats? I’m not a real Democrat?”

Melissa once again asked Simon her question and he yelled back, “I’m not answering the question!” She replied, “I know you are not answering the question, that’s the problem.” After he kept having a meltdown, Francis stated, “You know Simon you and I are going to have to get a drink sometime. We can’t show up and fight like this all the time.” Rosenberg, still hysterical, wouldn’t calm down and said, “Melissa don’t worry I’m never coming back on this show ever again so it doesn’t matter.” Do you think this liberal needs serious help? Watch below:

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