Liberals Furious Because Taylor Swift Won’t Denounce Donald Trump

With the release of Taylor Swift’s new song, an outcry has been heard over liberal media outlets.

They want her to denounce Donald Trump, just so that she could keep her career.

They are furious with the fact she remained publicly silent.
She released her new album cover “Reputation” in August this year, and released a music video for the song called “Look What You Made Me Do.” While everyone was impressed by her, the liberals were not happy because she chose to remain publicly apolitical.

According to our source, Conservative Tribune, Katie Cunningham of the Australian pop culture website Junkee has been particularly vocal to Taylor Swift’s refusal to pick a political site. Her career has been going downhill since she refused to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Amy Zimmerman of The Daily Beast said that Taylor’s problems stemmed from the fact that she used the media speculations to raise her album sale. And if she wanted her fans to trust her again, she had to speak up and denounce Donald Trump.

“Swift can complain about her mangled reputation all she wants, but the facts speak for themselves. The pop singer, while inarguably talented, often comes across as highly secretive at best and deceitful at worst. If Taylor Swift actually wants us to trust her, she could start by publicly announcing that she didn’t vote for Donald Trump — even if that means pissing off some of her fans.

Until Swift is ready to let go of her perfectly controlled (albeit compromised) reputation, the pop star’s vision of glowing headlines and a fresh new start will stay a fantasy.”

Liberals don’t seem to understand that political choices are personal and that they shouldn’t care who she voted for.

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Source : ConservativeForever

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