Jeff Sessions Just Did Something That Left Tucker Carlson’s JAW on the Floor

Attorney General Jeff Sessions came on Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Show’ Friday night to discuss the shocking miscarriage of justice that was seen in San Francisco Thursday night.

In an unexpected turn of events, an illegal alien was acquitted in the murder of Kate Steinle, a vibrant young women in San Francisco in 2015.

“It seems like to me that it wouldn’t take five minutes to pass the Kate Steinle bill that passed out of the House with a good vote.”

“Kate’s Law” was passed by the House this summer. The law sets an increased maximum prison term for illegal aliens who enter the U.S. multiple times after being deported.

The legislation now needs to receive the 60 votes required to queue it up for a vote.

“It shouldn’t take any time to pass additional legislation that would provide greater incentive and greater pressure on cities that are failing to cooperate with the federal government in basic immigration law. So yes, I don’t see any basis for not moving this and would love to see them move it, they’ve got the tax bill right now. But as soon as possible, I would like to see this legislation be advanced in the Senate.”

Do you agree that we need to bring this legislation to a vote and get tougher on crimes committed by illegal aliens? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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