After Reporter Tries to Catch Sarah In a Lie, All Hell Breaks Loose

During the on-camera White House press briefing yesterday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was suffering from a cold and was not putting up with any shenanigans from the reporters in the room.

The last question of the day is when Sarah finally put her hand up and dropped a huge truth-bomb on CBS News’ Margaret Brennan for asking what was a question that proved to waste everyone’s time.

Brennan was asking about a comment Huckabee made earlier and she was trying to lead Sarah to disclose whether Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may be getting replaced in the near future based on rumors going through the news networks yesterday morning.

“You have repeatedly said that Tillerson helped to “close out a successful year.” Are you saying that he will close out the year or will he serve beyond that?”

Sarah’s answer is one of her best yet!

“I mean, we are all closing out the year. You’re closing out the year in your news network. We don’t set the calendar. That’s something that happened a few centuries ago. The year is going to end whether we like it or not – we are all going to close it out and we are all going to do the very best job we can for the American people in that process. I don’t mean anything by it more than that. I’m closing out the year; you guys are. I know most of you are doing end of the year stories because that’s how the calendar works.”

These press briefings are moving into the ridiculous category where poor Sarah has to waste her time, even while she is sick, to educate these reporters on how a calendar works!

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Source : USTruthWire

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