‘All Y’All In Trouble’, CNN Host Just Taunted Trump’s Staffers In Nasty Way For Michael Flynn

all yall

all yall

Foolish liberals have done everything short of setting off fireworks after word came out that former Trump campaign advisor and National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had agreed to a guilty plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Many liberal figures in the media have been peacocking in sharing this news with their viewers. Nobody, however, was more extreme than host Van Jones of CNN.

Jones was a guest on Anderson Cooper’s show AC 360, and he claimed that Republicans can no longer deny the serious of the allegations against the president. Said Van, “I spent about ten years of my life doing criminal justice work in Oakland. I‘m just going to make this as plain as possible to the CNN viewers: when one of the main home boys turns snitch, a bunch of people about to go to jail. That’s just how that works.”

Some people pointed out that Robert Mueller surprisingly only got Flynn to plead guilty to a relatively small lying charge. However, liberal Jones tried to spin it by claiming about Mueller that it “means that he’s got bigger charges coming for bigger fish.”

He then decided to taunt Donald Trump and his associates, sneering, “This is a huge deal, you cannot pretend it’s not.” Jones added, “One of your main homeboys just turned snitch — all y’all in trouble.” Do you think Trump will ended up getting the last laugh with this idiot? Watch below:

Source : Conservative101

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