OMG! Look Who Was Voted Most Admired Man and Woman in the World!

What is wrong with people?!

A new poll by the respected survey company Gallup has revealed the most admired man and woman in the world, in the eyes of Americans.
And, sadly, the winners are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Obama won by a narrow margin over President Trump (17 percent vs 14 percent, respectively), while Pope Francis came in a distant third with just 3 percent of the vote.

The result in the women’s category was much more disappointing.

Hillary Clinton walked away with 9 percent of the vote for her 16th consecutive win!

Michelle Obama came in second with 7 percent of the vote, and Oprah Winfrey garnered 4 percent.

The good news is that Hillary’s star is clearly sinking, and it won’t be long before she’s no longer taking home wins like this.

H/T Red State Watcher        Source : ConservativePost


    • Fake polls. The people know the truth. They think we are fooled by their statistics. We are not. Clinton and Obama are criminals who are involved with criminals who publish fake news and fake polls

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