Trump’s Religious Adviser Opens Up About President’s Faith: He ‘Put Prayer Back Into the White House’



President Donald Trump brought Christmas back in a big way his first year in office.

Not only did First Lady Melania Trump transform the White House into a winter wonderland, but the president made good on his promise to make saying “Merry Christmas” socially acceptable again.

Megachurch pastor Paula White, who has been Trump’s spiritual adviser for years, joined “Fox & Friends” on Christmas morning to remind Americans that there’s a real man of faith in the Oval Office:

“Isn’t it nice to be able to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and to put Jesus Christ back on the White House lawn?”

She went on to share about the president:

“[Trump] is a man of faith, he is a believer, he’s spiritual. … Trump just hasn’t put Christ back in Christmas, but he’s also put prayer back into the White House. He’s put justice … and religious freedom back into our courts.”

Trump himself finally declared victory in this social battle on Twitter:

While the Obamas never did away with saying “Merry Christmas,” Trump is referring to Christ in the marketplace, where some companies have replaced the phrase with “Happy Holidays” and other alternatives.
Source : IJR

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