Tomi Lahren Finds Out: What Do Californians Think About Fox News & Hannity?

Tomi Lahren recently took to the streets of Los Angeles to find out how Californians feel about living in a sanctuary state.

On “Hannity” Monday, we saw Tomi hit the streets again to see why folks in Hollywood have such a problem with Fox News and Sean…

Most didn’t have much to say about why they don’t like Fox News…

One of the haters derisively called Tomi by a different name, but she called him on it and he apologized…One woman said California is supposed to be all about love and tolerance, but that doesn’t apply to Republicans…Another woman described the intolerance for opposing points of view as a California “anomaly”…Lahren told Hannity that there are actually a decent amount of Fox News viewers and Republicans in California, but they can’t be vocal about it.

“There are a lot of people actually in West Hollywood that are supporters of this president,” Lahren said. “But they wouldn’t even dare wear a red baseball cap, not even a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, but even a red baseball cap. They told me that they wouldn’t eve dare wear that in West Hollywood, because the repercussions would be very severe. They wouldn’t have any friends, they would be turned away.”

Sean said he wants to see Tomi head back out with a Trump hat and shirt and see what liberals in L.A. have to say.


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