Her Goose is Cooked: “More Than Enough Evidence…To Arrest Mrs. Clinton Now”

A person can only get away with murder for so long.

And for Hillary Clinton, it would appear her time is nearly up.

Unfortunately, Hillary might never face justice for the many murders we all know she and Bill were behind.

But it seems she won’t be able to escape the corruption and mismanagement that characterized her time as Secretary of State and later as candidate for the presidency.

In a hard-hitting viral video post, Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, explained that there’s “more than enough evidence…to arrest Mrs. Clinton now.”

And with Trump in office, it’s just a matter of time.


Source : Conservativepost.com

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  1. Thank You to Tom Fitton for not letting this Die Down. As an American I am horrified that through out all these years the Clinton’s have consistently gotten away with murder. No one has been prosecuted and I doubt that in years to come anyone will be prosecuted. I also believe that the former President of these United States has not been named as an accomplice to all that has gone on. Obams’s hands are so dirty that someone (hopefully Judicial Watch) will keep up the pressure to peeling the millions of skin off the onion. I’m not sure how the DOF and the FBI became so corrupt but I believe a great deal of Republican’s have been asleep at the wheel for a very long time. Please continue to inform us and please continue to fight the hard fight. Thank You to Mr. Fitton and Judicial Watch for standing up for the American People that is always left holding the empty bag.

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