Right After Trump Gives His Entire Salary to the DOT, Something Miraculous Happened

President Trump’s generosity and passion for developing at infrastructure at the state-level clearly has no bounds; even when it means going into his own pocket.

President Trump has announced that he is donating his salary from last quarter to the Department of Transportation to aid in infrastructure development.

Specifically, the money is going toward Infragrant, which is a program that prioritizes grants for state and local missions.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao reported that the grant program, “directly reflects the president’s proposal by providing dedicated discretionary funding.”

He promised to donate his salary during his campaign, he donated to DHS to fight the opioid epidemic, he has given to the Department of Education and the National Park service, and now he is continuing to follow through with this promise.

Chao made mention that this plan would place “special emphasis” on rural development.

There are about to be changes that will directly affect our communities and the lives of our friends and neighbors, and we have a front row seat. And the best part? It is a change that is not coming out of the taxpayer’s pocket. God bless President Donald Trump!

Source : UsTruthWire

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