After Sen. Durbin Calls Americans ‘Lazy,’ He Gets Huge Reality Check From Laura Ingraham

People like former president George W. Bush, Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi, and others enjoy insulting the American people by claiming we are unwilling to perform more “remedial” or “mundane” jobs, in order to push their agenda to allow illegal aliens to come into our country, receive benefits, etc. The dirty Democrats are clearly doing so to garner the illegal votes, grant them the right to vote, then hope to get elected.

On Monday, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin continued this bashing of Americans with this ideal while speaking on the Senate Floor, claiming that undocumented immigrants are the only ones who will do hard, back-breaking work, such as manual labor and picking fruit.

On Tuesday night, Laura Ingraham slammed Durbin and other Democrats for this “tired trope,” insulting American citizens, while reminding her audience that Democrats used to worry about “flooding the nation” with less affluent immigrants.

Ingraham left Durbin speechless with the ultimate truth-bomb:

“For a fair wage, Americans will do and have done these jobs, Sen. Durbin. So stop lying to us.”

She urges Democratic lawmakers to start caring as much about our own people who have lost their jobs and lives to illegal immigrants as they do about those illegal immigrants.

Resonating President Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” Ingraham closes with the true solution to all of these issues:

“Whatever Congress’ final deal on immigration includes … the needs of the American people — the American worker — should always be priority number one.”

AMEN! America First!

Source : UsTruthWire

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