After Meghan McCain Defends Trump Administration She Gets Incredible Gift from Ben Carson

Last week, ESPN commentator Jemele Hill got destroyed by Meghan McCain on The View for attributing President Trump and anyone he associates with to white supremacists.

McCain addressed that, inquiring if Hill still resonates with what she had said about that.

Hill insisted that she does still mean what she said, but that she doesn’t “think his supporters are white supremacists.” Utilizing the identity-politics tactic, as professional victims often do, she said, “as a woman of color” she was more impacted by the President’s actions and that she feels that “in this moment it feels like people of color are under attack.”

McCain pressed harder, recognizing the obvious intellectual inconsistency of Hill’s claim with the following question,

“What would you say to a Ben Carson who is working in the administration and who is obviously not white – would you consider him a white supremacist?”

Hill responded that she wouldn’t and that she wasn’t talking about Ben Carson, finishing with, “I think we know the names…”

McCain pointed out that Carson works in the Trump administration, which indicates the hypocrisy of the aforementioned tweet.

This week, Ben Carson responded to Hill’s ridiculous claims with a brutal response.

“To work together we must do better and this rhetoric must be confronted. Great job @MeghanMcCain”

Both McCain and Carson know that these types of accusations by people like Jemele Hill do nothing but further divide the country in a time when we should be working together.

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