Watch: Students Walk Out After Female Speaker Declares Men and Women Are Different — ‘Nazis Are Not Welcome’


Students walked out of a diversity discussion at Portland State University when Evergreen State College biologist Heather E. Heying pointed out biological differences in men and women.

During the event, titled “We Need to Talk About Diversity,” Heying, writer Helen Pluckrose, former Google engineer James Damore, and moderator Peter Boghossian — a Portland State philosophy professor — discussed “social constructivism.”

Pluckrose explained that it means the concept that there are “innate,” “biological,” or “inherited differences” between men and women are dismissed and everything is learned from societal norms.

Boghossian turned the conversation to Damore’s memo, in which he stated differences between men and women, and asked Heying to relate it to what Pluckrose said.

The biologist called arguing a universally accepted concept in biology a “strange position to be in” and stated that there are “differences between men and women that are explicitly anatomical and physiological.”

She pointed to the fact that men are taller than women on average and wondered if anyone was offended by that.


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