Democratic Reps. Rally To Have A 100% Tax On The Rich


Democrats seem to be getting more and more extreme in every way. They are trying to take away more 2nd Amendment rights, more First Amendment rights, and now some Democratic representatives are proposing a 100% tax on the rich.

Nation of Islam member and Farrakhan supporter Rep. Keith Ellison responded to a question implying that he made a joke about a ‘maximum wage.’ Ellison quickly revealed that he was not making a joke. He really thinks there should be a ‘maximum wage.’ Meaning that all earnings above a certain amount should be taxed at 100%.

“No, no, no, I didn’t make a joke about maximum wage, I made a statement about maximum wage,” said Ellison.

“What I’m saying is … If you were to say, ‘Look, if you make more than 20 times more than the people who actually make the products and do the services of your company,’ then we’re going to tax you more,” he said. Yeah, wow, the guy who worked to get a business degree, worked his butt off to raise money to start a business, and risked everything makes more than a guy who flips hamburgers. Crazy.

“But this idea that you can leave people in poverty as you are stacking up dead presidents like nobody’s business has got to come to an end. I mean, the CEO of McDonald’s makes $9,000 an hour and they’re fighting people getting $15 an hour,” said Ellison. “Why shouldn’t there be a maximum wage?”



Source:Democratic Reps. Rally To Have A 100% Tax On The Rich