Eric Bolling Goes On CNN And Confronts Them For Being Way More Biased Than Fox News

Former Fox Host Eric Bolling went onto CNN and spoke with Brian Stelter who accused Fox News of bias. However, Bolling was quickly able to prove that CNN is far worse than Fox News. In the interview, Bolling explained how people at Fox are upfront with their political opinions, while at CNN they pretend to be ‘objective.’ Also there is variety, like the liberal Shepard Smith.

“Ralph Peters is entitled to his opinion. Ralph Peters never liked Trump from the very beginning. He never thought Trump would win the presidency, and he certainly wasn’t a pro-Trump advocate afterwards. He is entitled to his opinion, as I’m sure everyone here, Don [Lemon], and Anderson [Cooper] and Wolf [Blitzer] are,” explained Bolling.

“No one [at Fox News] calls you and says you have to be on board with Trump or against Trump or pro-Obama or against Obama or have this political leaning or ideology. We are free to have our own opinions. I always was. I was never told which way to go with anything, and I never did,” said Bolling.

He also responded to Shep Smith’s insult to Sean Hannity and Ingraham for being overly opinionated. “I think Shep has his role. By the way, he has a lot of opinion in his “journalism” show,” explained Bolling.

“Sean Hannity’s a very good friend of mine. Laura Ingraham, a very good friend of mine. They’re very opinionated, but they’re always within the boundaries of fact. The primetime hosts on cable are delving further and further into opinion, but stay within the realm of facts,” said Bolling. Check out the video below.


Source: Eric Bolling defends Fox News: There’s a lot of great journalism by BPR