“Jimmy That’s You Being A Pervert A**hole” Hannity Exposes And Strikes Down Jimmy Kimmel

When Jimmy Kimmel brutally mocked Melania Trump for her accent, Sean Hannity came to her defense. Kimmel’s response to this was an immature rant calling Hannity gay and saying he can’t get laid.

“Sean Hannity’s problem is that for eight years, while Obama was President, he was unable to get an erection. For eight years, not one erection. And he tried everything … he tried looking at pictures of Paul Ryan with his shirt off. Didn’t work,” said Kimmel.

“[Hannity] went to office Christmas parties with Bill O’Reilly. Nothing worked. But now that Trump is president, here’s the twist, Sean Hannity is unable to have anything but an erection. He’s had an erection since November of 2016. And it’s driving him mad. He’s lost his mind,” said Kimmel.

Sean Hannity responded to Kimmel’s juvenile behavior with facts. Hannity pointed to video clips from Kimmel’s past where he objectified women. “This is ABC’s @jimmykimmel aka Harvey Weinstein Jr. Asking 18 year old girls to grab his crotch and “put their mouth on it”. Jimmy that’s you being a pervert a**hole. How would you feel if that was your daughter? I bet @Disney is so proud,” said Hannity.

“Also @jimmykimmel attacking @MELANIATRUMP while reading a book to kids? What happened to “Mr Morality”? Attacking a woman who is helping children? This is @Disney? #pervertkimmel” tweeted Hannity.


Source: Jimmy Kimmel responds to Sean Hannity calling him an ‘a**clown’ by BPR