The Economy Is Doing Great Because Of Trump And Meghan McCain Rubs It In Joy Behar’s Face

The economy is doing amazingly, despite all those Democratic economists who predicted that we are doomed if Trump is elected. On the View, Meghan McCain decided to take a moment to rub that in the face of Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and the other panelists.

“One thing I will say about Larry Kudlow though, is most economists get a lot wrong–very few economists saw the 2008 crash coming. Paul Krugman who’s considered, you know he’s a very liberal economist, said that the markets will plunge and never recover,” said McCain.

“He predicted a global recession with no end in sight following Hillary Clinton’s loss. David K. Johnson said Trump-onomics would be a disaster for workers, you know, and that only Hillary could be the economic savior,” mocked McCain.

“So, I don’t trust economists like as a generality– and I think that Larry Kudlow is on television but when I did more research into him, he did work for Ronald Reagan. He is someone that is well respected,” explained McCain.

“My understanding was he was going to have a political career, but he had a very serious cocaine habit that he’s very open about in the 90s, that sort of derailed where he was going and he went into media instead. I think there are much worse options. He’s much more conservative than Gary Cohn who he’s replacing,” said McCain. Check out the video below.