Liberals Shockingly Side With Sean Hannity After Jimmy Kimmel Shows His True Perverted Nature

It’s not groundbreaking news that Jimmy Kimmel is a terrible comedian. But when Fox’s Sean Hannity brought out Jimmy Kimmel’s ugly side, liberals were able to see him for who he really is. While Kimmel expected all liberals to be on his side during his feud with Sean Hannity, they ended up siding with Hannity.

The conflict between the two began after Kimmel viciously mocked Melania Trump for having a foreign accent. Hannity stood up for Melania. “Also @jimmykimmel attacking @MELANIATRUMP while reading a book to kids? What happened to “Mr Morality”? Attacking a woman who is helping children? This is @Disney? #pervertkimmel” tweeted Hannity.

Jimmy Kimmel responded by implying that Hannity is gay, and he should be ashamed for being gay. Liberals did not like this. Jimmy made three homophobic tweets towards Hannity. “Don’t worry – just keep tweeting – you’ll get back on top! (or does Trump prefer you on bottom?) Either way, keep your chin up big fella..XO” he tweeted. “I’m starting to think SOMEONE has a crush on me!” “When your clown makeup rubs off on Trump’s ass, does it make his butt look like a Creamsicle?” tweeted Kimmel.

Kimmel did not get the response he was looking for. “And there it is. Homophobia,” wrote one user. “Every time a liberal wants to insult a Republican, they imply they are gay. Never fails,” wrote another. ““YOU THINK YOURE JUST FEUDING HANNITY, CONGRATS PAL YOU JUST ALIENATED YOUR LGBT VIEWERS,” wrote another.

” Love ya Jimmy but I said this to @chelseahandler yesterday and you today. Suggesting awful people are “gay for each other” isn’t funny to us. You gotta stop,” another wrote. “I swear to Beyonce if you straight people don’t STOP making things gay because you can’t find a way to be clever or original in any other way, we will impose sanctions and cease aide!” wrote another.