CNN Just Got Some Horrible News About Their Future, Jesse Watters Rubs It In Their Faces

Fox News’ Jesse Watters did not hold back against CNN when he saw how pathetic their ratings are. “Take a look at the basic cable ratings for the first quarter of 2018: Fox News number one, MSNBC number two… CNN seven,” said Watters.

“CNN’s being beaten by channels like HGTV, Investigation Discovery and Nickelodeon. What happened?” asked Waters. He commented on CNN’s claim that they are always honest. “So, CNN’s in the truth-telling business?” asked Watters. “What about CNN’s fake news story about Trump Jr. coordinating with WikiLeaks,” asked Watters.

“Or CNN’s fake video of Trump feeding fish in Japan, or CNN’s fake news story about Comey’s testimony or CNN’s fake news story about Scaramucci and the Russians, which was redacted and led to three people resigning?” asked Watters.

“The bottom line is the network is filled with Trump hating tabloid food fights,” said Watters. He then accused them of “throwing Hail Marys because they’re in last place.”

CNN responded to the statements against their ratings. “As for “challenged,” CNN just finished its second highest rated first quarter in the past nine years. Those are the facts. #FactsFirst” tweeted CNN. It’s interesting that CNN always says ‘facts first’ when they clearly lie so often. Check out the video below.


Source: Watters Words: CNN’s monumental collapse by BPR