Kamala Harris Whines That Illegals Feel ‘Targeted’, James Woods Destroys Her In One Tweet

People who come into our country illegally are now feeling anxious and stressed out about it because of President Trump’s policies. According to California Senator Kamala Harris, ‘this is just wrong’. Conservative actor James Woods crushed Kamala in one tweet.

“Immigrant families are so afraid of being targeted by this Administration they are forgoing critical health care services. This is just wrong,” tweeted Kamala with a link to an article called “Amid deportations, those in U.S. without authorization shy away from medical care.”

“They need to prepare, they say, in case they never come back. Patients at the St. John’s Well Child & Family Center in South Los Angeles have recently started asking for copies of their medical records. Some request extra medicine from their doctors, taking home as much as they’ll supply,” writes the article.

““They want to have a stockpile,” clinic Chief Executive Jim Mangia said. “There’s this tremendous fear that on their way to take their kids to school, or on their way to the clinic, or on their way into the store, they’re going to get picked up and deported.” Healthcare providers say President Trump’s aggressive moves against illegal immigration are posing risks to the health of many Californians, as patients cancel medical appointments or wait until the last minute to seek treatment,” says the article.

James Woods had the perfect comeback. “You know who isn’t getting critical health care? Homeless American citizens and overwhelming numbers of American veterans. THAT is what is just wrong,” tweeted Woods. Do you think he’s right?