Meghan McCain Crushes Joy Behar For Saying Trump Is Going Into Syria To Distract From Cohen

‘View’ host Joy Behar accused President Trump of using the events in Syria to distract from a scandal involving Michael Cohen. Meghan McCain crushed Behar for being a moron.

“You know I’m a little suspicious of the timing, I have to say, of going into Syria right now. We know that Obama is being accused of setting a red line and not doing anything in Syria. After the gas attack last time,” said Behar. McCain responded: “He’s not being accused. That’s a fact.”

“Yeah okay. Trump has had this whole year to do something. Why now?” asked Behar. “Because there’s been another chemical gas explosion over the weekend. I’m not manifesting something that doesn’t exist in Syria,” responded McCain.

“I know that. What I’m interested in is the fact that Michael Cohen is about to be indicted, probably… I don’t want to get into Michael Cohen. I’m only saying the seriousness of the situation within the White House is interesting at this point, if he wants to do a wag the dog in Syria, let us be careful of the timing of this is all I’m saying,” said Behar.

“There was just a chemical gas attack. There’s been one previously that we’ve done nothing about. There’s a huge fracture in our country and I understand we are a war-weary nation. But I do think when we are talking about genocide. And I do take umbrage at the idea that now that it’s something different, that it somehow would be politically motivated,” responded McCain.