Sarah Huckabee Sanders Crushes Jim Acosta’s Dreams After He Claims Dems Will Take Over Congress

At a recent press conference, Jim Acosta bragged that Paul Ryan’s retirement announcement is a sign that Democrats are going to take control of Congress and impeach President Trump. Sanders completely crushed Acosta’s dreams.

“One other quick thing on Speaker Ryan’s announcement. There are some fears on Capitol Hill – and we understand some in the White House – that a Democratic wave is coming and could sweep the Republicans out of power in the House and that could potentially lead to impeachment proceedings that the Democrats could bring forward. What is the president’s thinking on that, what is your thinking on that?” asked Acosta.

“Like I said earlier, we are very confident in the record that we have and the very successful first year and a a half that the president’s had in office and we expect to talk about that a lot. We’d love for you guys to talk about that more too and we’d be happy to send you talking points if you need some guidance,” responded Sanders.

“Do you think a wave is come something?” asked Acosta.

“We certainly think we have a great story to tell. We think America will be ready to listen to that and certainly has felt the impact certainly from an economic standpoint for this administration and we’re proud of that,” said Sanders.