Another Gold Star Mom Says She Was Disrespected by a President- But It’s Not Trump

After President Trump faced harsh criticism for his phone call with the wife of killed Green Beret, one Gold Star mother recently said that she felt disrespected by then-President Barack Obama.

Her son, Marine Cpl. Max Donahue died at age 23 after he was severely injured in Afghanistan in 2010.

“When my son died, then-President Obama not only made no effort to reach out, but the condolence letter we received was signed by a computer,” she said. “He didn’t even sign the letter!”

The mother, Julie Schrock said she received “multiple copies of the letter” and the White House informed her there was a “bug” in the system and she might expect more copies of it. However, she was told if she receives more copies of it, she should throw it away.

“I anonymously reported this to our local news station, which ran it one time versus the three days of Trump mishandling of a Gold Star condolence,” she said. “Sad and hurtful to say the least.”

She also criticized the media for the pain they caused with prejudices that “is obvious to anyone willing to dig a little deeper than just believing what they hear on the news.”

She is the same woman who condemned NFL kneelers for disrespecting the national anthem during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” She believes that the national anthem and the American flag should “be respected and honored,” she said during an interview.

In September she stated that “That flag was at Iwo Jima and 9/11 and on my son’s casket. That’s what was handed to me, that flag has a meaning that should be honored and respected.”

President Trump was harshly attacked of his call to Myeshia Johnson, the Gold Star Wife, whose husband died in Niger, after a trap attack.

After the call from President Trump, the Gold Star Wife said she cried, “because I was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it.” As reported President Trump didn’t invoke her husband by name and said the killed soldier “knew what he signed up for but it hurts anyways.”

Anyhow Gold Star family of Cpl. Dillon Baldridge received drastically less coverage.

President Trump promised to give the family $25,000 to help them start a nonprofit organization in honor of their son, and this Monday he fulfilled the promise which left the Gold Star parents “speechless.”

The thing is, whether Republican or Democrat, the presidents of U.S. are calling these families in their hardest time, and it is normal that some conversations will be awkward and some will be comforting and reassuring.

Source : Theconservativefighters.Com

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