After Hillary Bashes Trump on Russia, Jeanine Pirro Exposes Her Lies on Live TV

Hillary should have taken her loss with grace – if that’s possible for a Clinton – and just stepped out of the spotlight. But since she insists on berating the president and Americans with her poison, let her get her rear handed to her by the great Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Clinton took to Twitter to voice her ridiculous opinions in an effort to evoke a response either from her sworn enemy President Trump, or her loyal, multi-colored followers, the irreverent left; she had the following to say,

“… the Russians are still coming. … Will he [President Trump] continue to ignore & surrender, or protect our country?”

Judge Jeanine Pirro began her segment on Fox News by opening the box on former Secretary of State and telling her she is “even dumber than I thought.”

Pirro pointed out that Clinton couldn’t possibly know what moves Trump is making, as she doesn’t have the security clearance to be “in the know,” while also reminding us of Clinton’s hypocrisy due to her and her rapist husband allegedly selling quite the stake in American Uranium to the Russians previously.

Pirro absolutely obliterated Clinton with the following,

“Who do you think you’re kidding? Unlike you and Bill, Donald Trump can’t be bought.”

And there you have it; Pirro swinging the gavel of truth and saying what we’re already thinking. Thank you, your honor.

Do you think crooked Hillary needs to leave well-enough alone? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section!

Source : UsTruthwire

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  1. You have to love The Judge J…. She says it and she own’s it… Judge J, please continue your intro’s to your show. Sometimes, I can’t help but listen and think = I HAVE TO WATCH!!!! We love you and Thank You for all you do for our United States… We love that you tell the truth about our Pres.(the donald) J. Trump… Thank You and God Bless You, Your family & friends, All you love, care about & support… Stay on it Judge…

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