Bill Maher Demands That Roseanne Stop Supporting Trump, Roseanne Crushes Him

HBO’s Bill Maher went on an angry tirade against Roseanne Barr for supporting Trump. It is just unbelievable to him, that someone in Hollywood would disagree with his political opinions. But Roseanne got the last laugh.

“You’re now the face of the Trump supporter because you really do speak for a certain kind of American who knows they’re being screwed by someone, they just don’t know who. But here’s what you’re missing about Trump: when he says he’s ‘looking out for the little guy,’ he’s talking about his d*ck,” said Maher.

“You’re a socialist! You’ve been one for 30 years!… You said ‘all of my ideas R based in socialism.’ How does that intersect with Trump? All his ideas are based on national socialism… I’m kidding, he doesn’t have any ideas,” said Maher.

He went on to mock the thousands of dollars that Trump made workers with his tax cuts. “The top 1 percent walked away with 83 percent of the benefits. The elites he rails against on Twitter got billions, forever, and Roseanne Conner got peanuts with an expiration date,” said Maher.

“So, here’s the deal. I get that you were mad as hell and wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the whole works, and I won’t judge that. But if in the next six months you don’t see Trump’s magic starting to work for you, if you’re still trading pills and driving an Uber, wouldn’t the more realistic plot line for season two be your disillusionment with Donald Trump?” said Maher of the character in Roseanne. However, Roseanne has no reason to listen to him. From a ratings perspective, Maher’s show gets less than 2 million views per episode. Roseanne is reaching nearly 20 million per episode. Maher is in no position to give advice to anyone. Roseanne has crushed him.



Source:Bill Maher Demands That Roseanne Stop Supporting Trump, Roseanne Crushes Him